Slim Shape
Multifunctional IR, vacuum and RF system

Slim Shape

SlimShape is a multifunctional computerized system able to treat 360 ° facial and body imperfections. The technology can combine multipolar radiofrequency, a controlled endodermal massage and an infrared laser to treat all connective tissue changes.

• promote immediate lymphatic drainage;
• stimulate the production of collagen and elastin;
• reduction of local fat volumes.


Eliminates the imperfections of cellulite, reduces localized fat, temporarily minimizes stretch marks, reduces wrinkles and pockets, tightens and tones unstressed tissues.

Multifunctional system

Multifunctional computerized system able to treat face and body imperfections at 360°

Technical features


4 endodermal (2 bodies with mechanical rollers RF and IR, 2 face with RF)


101 “color TFT touch screen 1: 2.4” handpiece display

Working mode


Pulse width

0.5 s - 7.5 s

Negative pressure

Absolute value: 90k Pa - 25k Pa
(68.4 cmHg - 19cmHg)
Relative value: 10k Pa - 75k Pa
(7.6 cmHg - 57 cm Hg)

Roll speed

0-26 revolutions per minute

Working mode roller

2 types



RF frequency

1 MHz


740 nm

Input power

20 W (Max)

Input power


Power supply

AC230V ± 10%, 50Hz ± 1Hz,
AC110V ± 10% 60Hz ± 1Hz

Net weight

50 Kg


480 x 410 x 1015 mm

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