Facial skin diagnosis


Lumen is the new frontier of facial skin diagnosis, which exploits the properties of RGB light and UV light. The chromophores present in epithelial cells respond to this light by reflecting it. The light emitted is captured by digital photography and analyzed by the software. At the end of the analysis, various images of the face subjected to the treatment will be provided, marked by the different imperfections. A graph instead will detect the present blemish as a percentage. RGB light reveals imperfections such as impurities, sebum, wrinkles, discoloration and large pores; while the UV light makes it possible to identify imperfections that are not very visible in daylight.


The advantages of using an innovative and professional diagnostic system like LUMEN + are many. The operator can in fact plan with extreme simplicity and clarity a treatment plan and a work protocol; identify the most suitable cosmetics to treat skin blemishes, thanks to the accurate and explanatory result provided by the system.

Skin diagnosis

RGB light reveals imperfections such as impurities, sebum, wrinkles, discolourations and enlarged pores; while UV light allows to identify imperfections that are scarcely visible in daylight.

Technical features


Face diagnostics

Types of light

White light (RGB), Ultraviolet (UV), IPL (UV) rays

Lighting and fluorescence

8,800 lux


1:1.7”CCD Digital Camera, 10 megapixel


HD Touch Screen

Size and weight

57cm*16cm*36cm, 6,5 Kg

Power supply

85V~246V /50Hz





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