Body & Face

Systems able to treat face and body imperfections at 360 °. Laser technology for permanent hair removal. And to intensely exfoliate and regenerate the skin, to make the skin brighter, fresher and more compact.

Laser hair removal

The definitive and innovative technology for permanent progressive hair removal, entrusted to diode laser technology with a cutting-edge cooling system.

Body modeling

The best technology for slimming and localized body remodeling. It represents the most innovative and performing system for obtaining non-surgical clinical solutions.

Medical Division

The most efficient technology in the world for removing capillaries. Tattoo removal. Permanent progressive hair removal entrusted to diode laser technology.




Advanced technologies for quick results.


Training courses carried out by qualified experts for the use of aesthetic and medical technologies.


Marketing assistance. Promotion on different channels, magazines and social networks.


Delivery and assembly in a short time, guarantee, professional training and technical support for an indefinite period.

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